1. Is this a humidor? No, BLÜME is a humidification system that fits inside any standard size humidor (see more regarding humidor sizes below).

2. How big is the device? BLÜME’s planned dimensions are 7” x 2.45” x 3.06” (L x W x H)

3. How much water can the reservoir hold? BLÜME holds 250ml (8.8 ounces) of water.

4. How is the device powered? BLÜME is powered by a battery in the base as the main power source, which we are estimating lasts one month between swaps. That being said, a smaller battery built in to BLÜME serves as a back-up so the device will keep humidifying while the user is charging their base.

5. What size humidor does the device work in? BLÜME is designed to fit in all standard “box” humidors, as well as larger humidors (i.e. end table or small cabinet humidors). Users with larger cabinet or walk-in humidors would likely require more than one BLÜME unit to keep the entire space humidified. Cigar Zen’s future plans include units built for these larger humidors.

6. How long does the water last before running low? The water held in BLÜME’s reservoir should last for one month between refills.

7. What is the warranty on BLÜME? BLÜME comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. See below for the Terms and Conditions of this warranty.

What is Covered
This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, including installation, for as long as the unit is in production and can therefore be replaced. 

How Long Coverage Lasts
For as long as you own the unit, and as long as it is in production and can therefore be repaired or replaced. 

What is Not Covered
This warranty does not cover damage to the unit caused by tampering.

What Cigar Zen Inc. Will Do
Cigar Zen Inc. will repair or replace the unit, based on whether the issue is internal or external.  

How To Get Service
Contact us at info@cigarzen.com detailing your issue.  We are focused on your complete satisfaction, and we’re here to assist!