Cigar Regulations and the Little Guy

You saw it when we tried to launch on Kickstarter, but what kind of cigar regulations are companies really facing every day? We recently put together an article for Cigar Weekly about the small business drawbacks of new FDA regulations surrounding tobacco products, and what you can do to fight back. Take a look at the full article (it’s worth it if we do say so ourselves) and browse around Cigar Weekly’s forums if you’re interested in learning even more about current legislation. Above all, keep supporting your favorite brands no matter how big or small, so that we can continue to promote the art that is cigar smoking!

It’s tough out here for us cigar smokers!

As we all know, tobacco has been highly regulated. And the level of those regulations seems to keep climbing, almost by the day. For cigar lovers, it seems unfair that the products we use – to relax, to decompress, to celebrate – are becoming more and more difficult to acquire.

While we can all appreciate the government’s desire to keep tobacco far away from kids, it’s hard to see the justification behind including cigars in the recent, rigorous FDA rulings, which were originally intended for smokeless tobacco only.

The act of cigar smoking is almost artistic in its nature, and should be viewed as a sign of sophistication, not to mention an appreciation for the hard work and craftsmanship behind each stick. While it’s easy for a teenager to get his or her hands on a cheap pack of cigarettes, they’re likely not going to get too far in an artisanal cigar store… KEEP READING HERE.

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