The Case for Gifting a Pre-Order

We’re now well into the holiday season and it seems as though half the population has almost completed their shopping while the other half hasn’t even started yet. Which category do we fall under? Don’t ask… and don’t tell our wives.

No matter which gift-giving holiday you celebrate, it’s always a bit of a struggle finding that perfect item to buy for each person on your list. Of course, the holiday season is about more than just material items – but come on, they do traditionally play a pretty big part!

For that cigar lover on your list who’s asking for the latest and greatest in accessories for their collection, consider gifting them a pre-ordered BLÜME. Sure, they won’t receive the physical product right away, but something to look forward to might prove to be a more exciting option.

The case for gifting a pre-order is a pretty strong one:

1. It shows you’re impressively unique and familiar with the up-and-coming
Your cigar smoking friends won’t have to worry about unwrapping socks or generic gift cards this year. A BLÜME pre-order is surely a unique gift and one they definitely haven’t ever received before. Impress your loved ones by showing them you know of the latest technology in the industry!

2. You’re saving money compared to what BLÜME will cost in store
BLÜME is still available at only $195 through Indiegogo, which is $100 less than you’ll get it for once it reaches store shelves. Discounts are especially important around the holiday season with all of the friends and family members to buy for. Save some money on those cigar lovers and pre-order BLÜME while you can.

3. Your gift-getter will be excited not once, but twice
Most gifts lend to some post-opening excitement the day of, and then the feeling subsides. With BLÜME, the person receiving your gift will be so happy to get the news of their pre-order, and then will be able to open the physical gift once it arrives in 2017. It’s like two holidays in one!

4. Three words: No. Shopping. Malls.
BLÜME pre-orders are made through our Indiegogo campaign page, which means not only is it quick and easy to make a purchase, but it can be done from the comfort of your own home. Need we say more?

You still have time take advantage of our wonderful Indiegogo Perks – nine days to be exact. Head on over to our campaign to make a contribution and give the best gift a cigar lover could receive – the promise of optimally aged cigars for years to come!

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