Cigar of the Week Round Up

If you’ve been following us on social media you would have noticed that we’ve been posting short descriptions of our Cigars of the Week, some of our favorites plucked from our humidors after being carefully aged for varying lengths of time. Here’s a curation of our five Cigar of the Week posts thus far.

Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro

This beautiful cigar was hand crafted by the artisans at Vegas Robaina. Named after current master of the estate Hiroshi Robaina’s late grandfather, this Don Alejandro is only four years old. Having matured excellently at a constant 70.5 RH, its flavors are a mix of nuts & woods. An even draw places delicate flavors on the palette, and leaves the smoker with a quiet sense of satisfaction after experiencing a smooth and creamy finish.

Bolivar Royal Corona

This cigar has enjoyed 6 years and 9 months of perfect aging in Rob’s humidor. A constant RH and temperature balance have brought out its subtle earth tones through a hearty and robust mouthful of flavor. There’s nothing underwhelming about this smoke. An even draw and neat burn ends with a rich and enduring finish laced with leather and nuts.

Cuaba Tradicionales

This Cigar of the Week comes to us from, where else but Cuba. This Cuaba formed into a pleasant but potent Tradicionales by the creative rollers that produce a remarkably satisfying line of cigars. Its shape lends itself to a draw that’s not overbearing, leaving hints of woods and chocolate on the palate. It has a great draw, and is very mellow as it’s been aged just over 7 years at an even 70 RH. I only have a few of these amazing little cigars left, so I’m going to save them to see if they get even better when they reach 10 years! Oh, did you notice the bloom?

EP Carrillo Inch

This week’s selection comes to us courtesy of the artisans at EP Carrillo who generously provided it at the Big Smoke 2016. This beauty, appropriately named “Inch,” starts off with rich flavors of spice and molasses followed by hints of nuts, generous tones of woods and earth. A bold cigar with an even draw… this an easy cigar to enjoy.

Fonseca No. 1

This Cigar of the Week selection was crafted by the masters at Fonseca, a venerable Cuban brand. This Fonseca No.1 just celebrated its 8th year in my humidor, and it has aged nicely indeed. Nutty with hints of spices leave the palate satisfied. An even draw and burn make this a very enjoyable smoke. As always, it ends all too soon. Another example of why cigar optimization is so crucial to a cigar lover’s hobby.

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