Funding Has Begun

Isn’t it great to work so hard for something and then finally see it all come together? That’s the way we’re feeling during this busy week. We’re now one full day into our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and we couldn’t be happier with the results! Check it out here.

We know what you’re thinking… Indiegogo? I thought they were crowdfunding on Kickstarter? If you haven’t been keeping up with us on social media, this may be news to you. While in the final stages of our campaign creation, Kickstarter denied our project due to anti-tobacco rules that include cigars and cigar paraphernalia. You can read our full statement here.

Despite some small setbacks before launch, we’re powering through and we need YOU, as BLÜME friends, fans and followers, to commit to our campaign! We’ll be running the BLÜME Indiegogo campaign for 45 whole days so we need your support and your ability to help spread the word to other cigar lovers. Help us get into as many humidors and optimize as many cigars as possible!

Here’s a round up of the amazing perks waiting for you when you contribute to our campaign:

$2: You get a big thank you and a subscription to our weekly newsletter.
$6: You get all of that… plus a handwritten and signed note from Rob and Lee!
$10: Make sure to give us your Twitter and Instagram handles because we’ll give you a personalized shout out across our social media channels!
$20: Want some cool BLÜME coasters? They’re yours!
$35: Smoke in style with a BLÜME branded baseball cap.
$50: You get a BLÜME branded cigar cutter!
$195: Your very own BLÜME at a Super Early Bird price!
$195: A special military discount, available even after the Super Early Birds have sold out.
$225: Your very own BLÜME at an Early Bird price!
$245: Regular Indiegogo pricing for BLÜME.
$375: If you want to prove you own one of the first 10 BLÜME units created, this perk will get you just that.
$995: An Indiegogo Exclusive: your very own gold-plated BLÜME!
$1,995: You get the BLÜME Founders Pack including an engraved BLÜME, cigar cutter, ball cap, sticker pack, social media shout out, handwritten note, AND a guest spot on the upcoming Cigar Zen TV!
$7,995: Party like a rock star in Toronto (we’re covering your travel) and learn all about what went into the creation of BLÜME at the leading North American product development firm, MAKO Invent.

Don’t delay; jump on these great rewards now before they run out. Not only will you be guaranteeing yourself a BLÜME system of your own, you’ll be helping a pair of your fellow cigar lovers disrupt our industry’s market with an amazing new product. How’s that for making a difference?

We urge you to spread the word about our campaign through social media so your friends can get in on this humidification revolution! As always, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. And if you’re going to the Big Smoke this weekend, don’t forget to check out our meet and greet on Eventbrite!

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