We Want to Meet You!

The countdown to the Big Smoke is now at just a week and a half away! That means that between the BLÜME crowdfunding launch on Tuesday and our flight to Las Vegas on Friday, we’re coming up on a HUGE week (and couldn’t be more excited about it).

We recently had the incredible chance to meet Dave West from CigarNoise, a guy who really knows his stuff when it comes to the cigar industry. Even though our meeting was through a webcam and microphone, we had an amazing interview where we got to chat about Cigar Zen, BLÜME, and what inspired it all. The interview has been split into two parts, and we also appeared in the CigarNoise Virtual Lounge, because we just had so much to say! You can see Part One of our initial interview below.

This chat with Dave inspired us to want to meet with as many cigar lovers as possible, and what better place to accommodate that than Cigar Aficionado’s Big Smoke! That’s why we’ve created a special event to take place on Saturday, November 12 in the lobby of the Mirage Hotel and Casino before the Big Smoke’s evening schedule takes place.

Come meet with us from 3pm to 5pm as we chat with like-minded cigar fans about the best cigars we’ve ever smoked, the worst cigars we’ve ever smoked, and everything in between. All discussion topics are welcomed! This informal event is meant to help facilitate some friendly chat around our favourite things before we dive deep into the Big Smoke festivities.

As an added bonus, we’ll be buying the first round of drinks for the first 25 people who come out and talk to us! What’s better than making friends, talking about cigars, and enjoying a free drink? Nothing.

Please RSVP through the event page and share with anyone planning to attend the Big Smoke this year. We’re really looking forward to a weekend full of networking, but are especially excited about this chance to kick back, relax, and chat with new friends before the night gets started.

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