An In-Depth Look at Rob’s Cigar Room

Where is your favourite place to smoke? Out on the balcony on a warm summer evening? In front of a great restaurant on a Friday night, surrounded by friends? For me, my favourite place to smoke is in my basement. That’s because it’s equipped with a glass-enclosed, fully ventilated room dedicated completely to smoking.

Rob's cigar smoking room featuring the one glass wall.

Some of you may call me crazy – others may just call me, asking “How do I make my own?!” The truth is, this room is completely unique, reminiscent of what I personally like to experience while enjoying a cigar. If any of you are inspired enough after reading this post to craft your own cigar-smoking room, chances are it’ll be a completely differently reflection your own smoking personality… sort of like BLÜME. Designed to be a unified device and app; you’re given the tools to optimize your cigars perfectly. You chose the right humidity level that your cigars need to taste and feel perfect to you.

Now back to the room.

Taking up approximately 200 square feet of space, my cigar room takes in lots of natural light through south-facing windows and the glass wall. There is direct ventilation via an ultra-quiet fan which removes smoke out into the outside world. Negative air pressure in the room means that fresh air can be drawn in through an open HVAC vent. An air purifier is a must in any room in which you’ll be smoking – the one I have is the Sharp KC-860U. This model is great because of its added humidification function, plus it comes with a Silent Mode for an ultra-relaxing experience.

Two dark brown leather chairs in Rob's cigar room with the air purifier in between them
The dark leather chairs and deep, earthy color tones really help me embrace the entire smoking experience, while piles of Cigar Aficionado magazines on the shelves provide ample reading material. Besides the artwork on the walls, you’ll also notice my bar and cabinet humidor, which both allow me to enjoy my favorite flavors anytime I want. And did I mention I had the foresight to sound-proof the room by using a variety of sound-dampening construction materials? The idea came to me one evening while I was planning construction and enjoying one of my favorite cigars.



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