Look Out Vegas, Big Smoke is One Month Away

While the countdown on our main page is set to the launch of our BLÜME crowdfunding campaign, we’re also personally counting down to the biggest annual gathering of cigar lovers – Cigar Aficionado’s Big Smoke 2016!

The Big Smoke takes place every November in Las Vegas, with this year’s event happening the weekend of November 11-13 at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. And yes, you guessed it, Cigar Zen will be there!

As big fans of Cigar Aficionado – there’s always the most current copy on the table in Rob’s cigar room along with stacks of previous editions on our shelves – we can’t wait for the 21st annual event (that’s right, Cigar Aficionado has been putting on the Big Smoke for two decades now).

Rob's cigar room feature two dark leather chairs with a wooden coffee table showing off a pile of Cigar Aficionado magazines

Cigar Aficionado promises over 25 premium cigars to each person attending the event, which is definitely on our most-excited-about list. We’ve read the great reviews and the best part? You can smoke those cigars (maybe not all 25) while at The Mirage during the two Big Smoke Evening parties on Friday and Saturday night. Daytime seminars on Saturday and Sunday are also a part of the event – two full days focused on the cigar lifestyle and listening to industry experts discussing everything from Roll Your Own to A Cigar Lover’s Guide to Cuba.

Tickets are still available here, so if you’re a cigar lover with the weekend off, we highly suggest coming out. Already know you’re going? Drop us a line below or through social media @BLUMEByCigarZen – we’d love to meet you there, have a good smoke, and answer any BLÜME questions you might have in person!

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