Introducing BLÜME

You’re a cigar smoker. Or perhaps you’re not, but you’d like to try one. Even more likely is that you’ve tried smoking and keeping cigars but ultimately the experience hasn’t been positive for you. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, because we promise it’s not your fault. Unlike other products that have been meticulously aged to perfection (e.g. wine, scotch), cigars aren’t purchased in an optimized condition and the consumer bears the burden of the distiller or cellar master; it’s on you to ensure your cigars are maintained in the right environment to reach perfection. The biggest obstacle with this has been in the humidification techniques available to us on the market.

So how did two scotch-drinking, cigar-smoking neighbours come up with the solution to this problem? Experience.

We understand that your first cigar smoking experience probably wasn’t the best, because we’ve been there. Only after smoking a cigar that has been aged to perfection will you fall in love with the experience, and that’s exactly what propelled us to create BLÜME.

The two of us had many long discussions in Rob’s cigar room about our love for the industry but our frustration with the cigar optimizing techniques we were forced to use – needing to always check on our humidors, always worried about coming home from vacation to a box full of ruined cigars. And one late evening after lamenting our own recent struggle to maintain consistent humidity levels in Rob’s 700+ stick humidor, we decided to do something about it.

A first sketch of the BLÜME device including RH sensors
Our first ideas started coming to life via sketches on Lee’s tablet.

A first sketch of the BLÜME device including vented holes for vapour to escape from

A first sketch of the BLÜME device including sensor puck held onto the humidor wall with a magnet

A first sketch of the BLÜME logo with red dots over the U symbolizing red glowing heaters
Even the name went through its own evolution. From BLOOM to BLÜM to BLÜME.

We ended up with a device that not only optimizes your cigars with certainty, but is beautiful, solid, simple to use, fits and works in any humidor, is connected to you at all times through the app, and was crafted with passion, much like your cigars themselves.

BLÜME delivers on the promise of technology, keeping you in-the-know by notifying you when it’s time to add water, allowing you to keep an inventory of your cigars, and recognizing your favourite time to smoke your favourite sticks. It also delivers on the necessity of accurate and reliable humidification. While we aren’t bona fide scientists, through trial and error we’ve figured out what works!

A graphic showing the process of atomizing transduction. Ultrasonic waves turn water into tiny droplets with regulate the relative humidity levels of the humidor

Each BLÜME device is equipped with an atomizing transducer that uses ultrasonic waves to create small liquid water droplets in the air, which quickly evaporate and adjust the relative humidity in your humidor, keeping it at your desired relative humidity level; for us, that’s 69.5%. You decide what level you want, and then rest easy knowing your cigars are well on their way to true optimization, thanks to BLÜME.

We’re beginning to spread the word and create a groundswell of interest among avid cigar smokers, and if this product speaks to the cigar lover in you, we need your help! What you need to do is sign up for our newsletter, follow us on social media, and look out for our crowdfunding campaign launching on November 8th (you can follow the countdown at the top of our main page). That’s when you’ll be able to pre-order BLÜME. Your cigars will start to thank you!

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