Cigar Humidification 3.0

To contextualize just how different BLÜME is from other humidification systems, we thought it would help to put it into the appropriate terminology of the internet age. We like to think of BLÜME as Humidification 3.0. Hear us out.

To a great extent, your cigars depend on humidity in the same way you depend on the temperature in your home, or in your car. Outside of a narrow temperature range, things get pretty uncomfortable for you. This is especially true of humidity for your cigars.

1.0 – The Dark Ages
While nobody refers to the fireplace as ‘Climate Control 1.0,’ that’s essentially what it is. Sure, it seems romantic over the holidays, but if tossing logs onto the fire 24/7 is the only way to keep warm in the winter, it gets really old really fast.

Well, passive humidification in your humidor – call it ‘Humidification 1.0’ – is a lot like an old-school fireplace. You have to check it manually (and constantly) and you have to make sure that old sponge has a sufficient amount of distilled water in it. Otherwise, your beloved puros are going to taste no better than a wad of dried leaves.

A humidification puck that uses a sponge or beads to absorb water and release back into the environment to create humidity.

2.0 – Better… Hardly
Then there’s ‘Climate Control 2.0’ and ‘Humidification 2.0’. Climate Control 2.0 is an old dial thermostat that’s better than a fireplace but its functionality is still pretty limited. You don’t really know what’s happening at home unless you’re there – your AC could have conked out in the middle of a scorcher in August and you come home to a sauna. Climate Control 2.0 has never heard of the internet.

It’s the same with Humidification 2.0 and that’s sadly the current ‘state of the art’ for humidification systems. Humidity 2.0 devices can read humidity and turn on a fan over your distilled water sponge. This usually involves several separate pieces that don’t fit well together and, in general, look like they predate the 80’s. Not that we have anything against the 80’s; except of course that the WorldWideWeb and mobile devices were still things of the future.

A Cigar Oasis humidifier that uses a fan to release water vapour when needed. Big, bulky and made of cheap plastic.

3.0 – The Evolution
But now there’s Google Nest or ‘Climate Control 3.0.’ It allows you to monitor and adjust all aspects of your home’s climate so you’re not wasting energy while you’re out but also ensuring you’re connected and everything is perfect when you get back home. Did you know they’ve sold about $340 million in products in 2015?

BLÜME by Cigar Zen is ‘Humidification 3.0.’ It’s the Google Nest of cigar humidification. It’s sleek, it’s sexy and – wait for it – it’s smart!

The BLÜME device. Sleek, active, made of chrome and embossed leather


BLÜME has a precision hygrometer to measure the humidity in your humidor and activate the built-in atomizer to maintain humidity at the perfect level. And, of course, BLÜME is web-enabled to allow you to monitor and control your humidor environment from anywhere – if something happens with your humidor, you’ll know about it instantly via your mobile device.

Finally, with BLÜME, cigar humidification has caught up with the times – so you can rest assured that your favorite puros have been optimized and are truly ready to smoke.

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  1. I love your new idea, I design Custom Louis Vuitton humidors, this seems perfect for me….my-humidors are very costly.
    I like the technology and design…
    I am confused on how I fit and install in my-humidors..
    Please show a conceptulized diagram on the size and how to fit in humidor..
    I put most of my on the top lid but I need to understand how it fits

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