is the world’s first SMART cigar
humidification solution, designed to fit in every humidor.

BLÜME’s patent-pending solution provides peace of mind by
removing the complexity of maintaining cigars in your humidor!

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How was your first cigar smoking experience?
Our guess is it wasn’t great.

The cigar smoking experience is undeniably linked to the quality of the cigar you smoke. When you smoke a great cigar, you have a great experience. But unlike other products that require aging to reach perfection (e.g. wine, scotch), the way you keep a cigar directly impacts the experience you have when it is smoked. A great experience means that your cigar has been optimized through perfect conditions over time to ferment and optimize its flavour and aroma profile.

Cigar newbies and veteran smokers alike have all smoked a bad cigar. A dry cigar or one that has been kept in an environment with fluctuating relative humidity levels is going to deliver a sub-optimal smoking experience.

So how do you achieve the optimal experience? Do you want to keep your cigars at a consistent 69.5% relative humidity? To do that, you have to manage your cigars’ environment very carefully. The humidification systems in market today require a great deal of manual effort and monitoring to maintain the perfect environment for cigar aging.

Enter BLÜME™

A side view of BLÜME with chrome and a dark brown embossed leather

BLÜME™ takes away the guess work when it comes to
optimizing the aging process for your cigars.


Old world cigar craftsmanship
meets the sophistication of modern technology.

BLÜME™ is a two-part solution. Part One is the device; an active humidifier whose internal processes are as impressive as its modern look. Part Two is an app that keeps you connected to your cigars at all times. Both the device and the app work in harmony to deliver the perfect smoking experience you’ve always wanted,
but were never able to achieve.



BLÜME™ uses active humidification, which means a built-in hygrometer monitors the humidity levels in your humidor and automatically releases water vapor into the environment when needed. What makes BLÜME™ different from other active humidifiers on the market is more than the beauty of its design. BLÜME™ is equipped with an atomizing transducer that emits ultrasonic waves to create tiny liquid water droplets, which quickly evaporate to adjust the relative humidity of the humidor.

Not only that, but the connected smartphone app keeps tabs on your hygrometer readings, notifying you right away when it’s time to add water, eliminating the burden of manually monitoring the humidor. The app also keeps an inventory of your cigars including when they were placed into your humidor. For example, when you want to smoke, the BLÜME™ app will help you select which cigar based on time spent aging in this optimal environment.

Design Principles




State of the art H20 atomization for superior humidification.



Online so you’re always connected to your humidor.



Harnessing technology to intelligently optimize your cigars.



Bridging the two worlds of humidification and inventory management.



Sleek and modern design to compliment your humidor.



Designed to remove the complexity of maintaining cigars.

Your only problem with BLÜME™ will be resisting the urge to show it off.


Rob McKeon

Rob had his first cigar at age 19.  His love of the pastime and knowledge of the industry has bloomed from that first cigar experience. A home renovation offered Rob the opportunity to craft his own cigar smoking room.

With over two decades of professional management experience in finance, software and manufacturing/distribution, Rob is skilled in building relationships and alliances, while fostering customer growth and strengthening long-term partnerships.

Rob’s professional experience, coupled with his personal passion for the industry, has culminated to this opportunity to help every cigar smoker realize their dream of the perfect smoke.

How BLÜME™ Was Born

The team met shortly after becoming neighbours. Both cigar smokers, they instantly formed a bond when Rob showed Lee the self-designed and dedicated cigar-smoking room in which the idea that would become BLÜME was later conceived.

Spending time unwinding over the aromas of cigars and single malts, the two began discussing their cigar storage and curation processes and found they shared the same pain points when it came to keeping their cigars at optimal humidity. They realized quickly that the market lacked a holistic solution for proper cigar aging, and that current options were outdated in design, form and function.

With Rob’s deep understanding of cigars and Lee’s extensive knowledge of connected technology, an idea was born: the next generation in cigar humidification, where the old world of cigar craftsmanship met the sophistication and promise of technology.

So where did the name come from? BLÜME is a derivative of “bloom”: a highly desirable result that appears on cigars, indicating the cigar has been kept at optimal conditions for a lengthy period of time. Not every cigar has the ability to produce bloom, but every cigar can be optimized to reach its own level of perfection and that is the reason Rob and Lee created BLÜME.

Lee Cocking

Lee has had a passion for technology and disruptive innovation since a young age. At age 10, he was given his first computer, and before 11 he ripped it apart, replaced the insides, and began learning how to develop software.

Since those early days, Lee has gone on to start a handful of his own companies, has worked in several successful startups, and advises a number of technology companies. This has given him a deep appreciation for the history of well-designed products and solid craftsmanship.

As a true creator and entrepreneur at heart, Lee has spent the last 20 years in cutting edge technology, helping to define the smartphone industry, expanding into mobile and cybersecurity, and eventually blockchain and ledger technology.



“Very cool concept! Seems like there are lots of new ways to keep your cigars fresh with a little high-tech savvy added in.”
Gary Korb, Executive Editor of Cigar Advisor


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1. Is this a humidor? No, BLÜME is a humidification system that fits inside any standard size humidor (see more regarding humidor sizes below).

2. How big is the device? BLÜME’s planned dimensions are 7” x 2.45” x 3.06” (L x W x H)

3. How much water can the reservoir hold? BLÜME holds 250ml (8.8 ounces) of water.

4. How is the device powered? BLÜME is powered by a battery in the base as the main power source, which we are estimating lasts one month between swaps. That being said, a smaller battery built in to BLÜME serves as a back-up so the device will keep humidifying while the user is charging their base.

5. What size humidor does the device work in? BLÜME is designed to fit in all standard “box” humidors, as well as larger humidors (i.e. end table or small cabinet humidors). Users with larger cabinet or walk-in humidors would likely require more than one BLÜME unit to keep the entire space humidified. Cigar Zen’s future plans include units built for these larger humidors.

6. How long does the water last before running low? The water held in BLÜME’s reservoir should last for one month between refills.

7. What is the warranty on BLÜME? BLÜME comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. See below for the Terms and Conditions of this warranty.

What is Covered
This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, including installation, for as long as the unit is in production and can therefore be replaced. 

How Long Coverage Lasts
For as long as you own the unit, and as long as it is in production and can therefore be repaired or replaced. 

What is Not Covered
This warranty does not cover damage to the unit caused by tampering.

What Cigar Zen Inc. Will Do
Cigar Zen Inc. will repair or replace the unit, based on whether the issue is internal or external.  

How To Get Service
Contact us at detailing your issue.  We are focused on your complete satisfaction, and we’re here to assist!


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